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Do music schools really care about grades?

A photo of eraserhead eraserhead
I applied to U of T, Western, Queen's, and Laurier for music. My marks are around mid 80s, but if it drops to like 82 will it really matter? Assuming my audition is good enough, of course.
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A photo of nadia93 nadia93
80s are good, 82 is fine, don't worry about it.. start worrying if they all drop to 70s and 60s or something
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A photo of nehalkazim nehalkazim
I would have to disagree with Nadia: your overall percentage is important.

I applied to UFT's Business program and was put on the pre-program list (I forget what it was exactly called). I had an 83% average and their requirement was 80% at the time. Not trying to scare you but want to make sure you keep working hard.

Will 82 percent mean the difference between you getting in on or not? Not sure. But hedge your bets and maintain the mid 80s and strive for even higher :)

Also, how's your portfolio looking?
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