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Do univeristies "bump" marks based on your school?

A photo of danselikeme danselikeme
Like say school A: crappy easy school
school B: really hard tough school

would they take that into consideration?
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AFAIK, there is a high-school rating based on what grades students graduating from that school receive in university. However, I'm fairly certain that universities do not discriminate on this.

I'm about 95% sure it doesn't matter.
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A photo of Meridian Meridian
Only example I know is Waterloo Engineering adjusts your entrance average based on your high-school's historical performance.
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A photo of DoctorLawyerDentist DoctorLawyerDentist
Sometimes I wish I went to an easy, ghetto school just because Universities (except, according to rumor, Waterloo) don't do this.
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A photo of cosstickxx cosstickxx
I've personally never heard of this being done.
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A photo of Fawlkes Fawlkes
Queen's sent a letter to the guidance department at my school about six years ago saying that students from our school could apply to commerce with an 82% even though the cut off was 87%. They showed us all the letter in grade 10 careers. Don't know if it still applies, but its definetly been done in the past.
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A photo of awaysheflew awaysheflew
Like others on here, the only school that I've heard of doing this is Waterloo. Most other schools have explicitly said that they take your marks at face value.
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A photo of Meridian Meridian
Found the Waterloo Eng link as a reference. Read 3/4 way down in the Faq


Does the Faculty of Engineering at Waterloo rank high schools?

We do not rank high schools, but we use an adjustment factor based on historical student performance (first-year university average minus final high school average) from a given school, over the past 8 or more years. This helps us to choose applicants with the highest likelihood of success in our program.
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A photo of Rennifer Rennifer
Actually most universities do bumb grade average dependent on how hard the curriculum at your school is. That being said it doesn't mean that someone that goes to a school with an easy curriculum will suffer because they don'tblame you for the school you go to, but it wouldn't be fair for someone at a school with a much harder curriculum than another school to not have any adjustment. I asked my head of guidance councilor about this because i was worried about it a few months ago but she said that universities have a profile of the schools and their curriculum and adjust accordinglyl.
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A photo of idylle10 idylle10
Waterloo bumps applicants from my school's average by 1%. Councilors have personally told me our school is considered as one of the best ones and universities will "bump" our marks slightly.

Some colleges do this as well.
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A photo of poeticallydemented poeticallydemented
I have heard rumblings of an unofficial 'list' of academic reputations at schools. I've also heard from people who claim to have seen it, but universities deny its existence. Apparently awhile ago the media actually discovered it and wanted to publish it but the universities convinced them it was baloney so they didn't. I'm 100% sure that universities consider the high school you attended when looking at admission averages. Basically everyone at my school gets their first choice, even if their averages are below admission average.
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A photo of manna manna
I don't think they do.

This year in Saskatchewan there was some crap stirred because for a while schools in the province couldn't penalize you for late assignments to make it fair when it came to university application time. This is because if a school in Regina did and one in Saskatoon didn't then the Saskatoon kid would get in even if he handed in all his assignments late if both were the same quality, theoretically. I wouldn't see the need for a policy like that if universities took everyones mark based on their high school.

They killed the policy, but yeah.
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