yconic - Do Universities look at failed marks.. i`m failing a course but its not in my top 6, I have 7 course
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Do Universities look at failed marks.. i`m failing a course but its not in my top 6, I have 7 course

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I`m really stress about this. Right now I have 3 courses this semester. Next Semester i`m taking 4. Out of the three courses i`m failing one course that I do not need for university or its not a requirement. Can anyone comment on this. At the end of year my courses do add up to 6 but that one failing mark.. is it going to hurt my chance of being accepted. I`m doing really well in my other courses.

Thanks you very much.
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A photo of napinhei napinhei
Don't worry, universities don't care. This is how it will work:

Universities will look to make sure you have completed and passed all the prerequisites for the program you've applied for. Then they look at the top however many courses are needed for a total of six and calculate your average between those top six. So lets say there are two prerequisites for your program. The university will look at those as well as the top four out of the remaining five courses you took. As long as you do well in your classes next semester, you will not have to worry about universities basing any admissions decisions on that grade.

That said, even if you mess up next semester, you don't have to worry. The first time I applied to university - that was three years ago when I was applying out of grade 12 - I got into all three of the universities that I applied to. And you know why that should make you feel better? Because I only took six U/M courses in grade 12, and I nearly failed two of those six. I got approximately 65 in both those two. Like I said, though, I still got in!
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A photo of BrunoMars BrunoMars
Don't worry, they only concern your top 6.
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