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Do universities look down on summer school English?

A photo of DoctorLawyerDentist DoctorLawyerDentist
On applications and entrance scholarships, to universities consider or penalize you for having taken gr 12 English in summer school as opposed to day school?

This is excluding waterloo, since they have explicitely said they take 1% off the top 6 average. Do any other major universities do that?
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Most people I know who took English in summer school got into the university of their choice, provided that the rest of their grades were outstanding and their supplementary application looked great. However, if you're upgrading your mark from a lower one you received in a previous year, some universities might count either the original mark or the average of the two marks.
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A photo of Viking21 Viking21
I think your fine. I think some universities ask you for a reason why you took the summer school course. Just make sure not to take a course twice in summer school.

I think business schools are kind of strict when it comes to English so I guess watch out.
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