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Do we have to move a lot for co-op at uWaterloo?

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I'm an international student and I've received an offer of admission from University of Waterloo for Nanotechnology Engineering co-op. I just wanted to know if I might have to move and change places a lot for co-op if I receive a job in a city other than Waterloo? Can somebody in uWaterloo here tell me about their experience related to this, please?

Thanks! :D
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There's jobs posted from all over the world, and all over Canada and Ontario. If you want to work elsewhere, you can go live in Hong Kong, Australia, California or Nunavut. If you don't want to move, then only apply to jobs in the KW area. There's plenty posted from the region, so you shouldn't have too much of a problem getting a job in the area. But, restricting your job search to the area means you can't apply to a job, say, at Apple or Facebook in California, and it also means you may have lower chances of getting a job since you may not find 50 places to apply to in the area (there's a max of 50 ongoing apps). If you apply elsewhere and accept the job, yes you'll have to move wherever it is. It's the same as any other job in the real world. If you don't want to move to Turkey to work, don't apply to jobs in Turkey.
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Thanks for the reply. It's not that I don't want to move a lot. I'm actually looking forward to doing jobs in many different places. It's just that if I have to move a lot then I will bring less things with me when I come to Canada.
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From the August before I began university, to the beginning of my second year, I moved 4 times in 12 months. I'm really not crazy about moving, so that was... interesting.

Co-op causes you to move as much as you want, really. For your first job, you might not get an offer if you're not willing to move. Beyond that, many of the better jobs require moving. So yeah, people really do move a lot.
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Even when you are on the move, you can still store a bunch of your stuff in Public Storage. Some KW firms offer that kind of service and it gives you peace of mind knowing you don't have to lug around a few baggages every few months.
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