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When you know everything for a test, do you feel the need to review more? For example, let's say your test is on Monday, but you've reviewed for the whole week and it's Friday. Do you really need to "study" on the weekend? I used to do this, but then I realized how pointless it was. I realized now that the test or teacher determines my mark more than how much I studied. It's useless spending an extra 8 hours covering the whole unit if you have a good understanding of it.

Do you think studying more means you get better marks? I don't agree with this because when you reach that point where you know everything, extra studying doesn't mean squat, it's all about what questions your teacher gives you, and not making any careless mistakes.

For example, in my biology class, it's semestered. The test I had (semester 2) was to me easier than the semester 1 test, even though it was suppose to be of similar difficulty, while someone else thought the semester 1 test was easier.

If the teacher gave me the semester 1 test, I would have done probably 5% worst than if they gave me the semester 2 test.
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I review mostly the night before because I forget things very quickly.
Marks are obviously greatly affected by the teacher or test like you said, but there is no point at which you know everything. There is always more things to learn, which is why I try to teach myself things beyond the curriculum as the course progresses. It helps me make stronger connections and gain a better understanding, which usually helps me with tests.
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A photo of sevln sevln
From experience, study until you feel confident and prepared for any possible questions that the prof may throw at you.

After that, toiling hours over more studying actually wears you down and is counter-productive. Especially during those last few hours when many people are prone to self-doubting themselves about things they were confident about :/
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