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Do you need Calculus?- Ryerson University's Business Management

A photo of JesterS JesterS
I am going to be in Ryerson University's Business Management program,
and I was wondering if students are expected to know calculus.

I've checked their guidebook and they only stated that it was a RECOMMENDED course- not a perquisite.

1. Right now I have the choice to drop calculus, because it is dragging my marks down.
If I do, will I be at a disadvantage during my years there?

2. Are you forced to take Calculus anyways during your first year?

3. If there are any Ryerson Business Management students here, can you also tell me what courses that first years have to take?
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A photo of methuraK methuraK
I'm pretty sure you don't need it. I applied there with only data and advanced functions. I haven't heard a reply because my English mark is still not in ouac. Since it is recommended, you probably will be expected to take it during first year. If it is dragging your marks, I suggest you drop it.
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