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Do you think i'll get in?

A photo of Madhawakolonna12 Madhawakolonna12
Hi everyone ..so I have posted a couple threads before ..but now marks are improved ..:compress:
soo im wondering if i will be able to get into Waterloo Computer Engineering with these marks? And also how about waterloo coop computer science? But my main choice is computer engineering.

English: 70
Functions: 75
Physics: 89
Chemistry: 87
Calculus: 94
Computer Science: 87
Biology: 88

i would really like to know my chances?
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A photo of poeticallydemented poeticallydemented
They might want to see a higher mark in Functions (I'm assuming you mean Adv. Functions?). Your average with your top 6 is like 86, so yes, I think you'll get in, but you might be looking at a May acceptance instead of a March one.
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