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Doctors have no jobs?

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I'm hearing from a lot of people that doctors are out of jobs in Canada.
I've always thought it was a growing profession (and a safe one) but apparently not? I was wondering if this was true.

Also, some general questions about med school and related:
-If there is actually a need for doctors, why is med school so hard to get in?
-Everyone I know that has tried for med school has failed--> how qualified do you really have to be? (Can you give an example of a successful candidate?)
-I know that since Med school is hard to get in in Canada, lots of people go abroad - is this a good idea?
-And for anyone that HAS gotten into med school, what did you do to get in? (like what positions did you hold in extracurriculars, etc)
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I've never heard that, there's always a need for doctors, especially since the largest subset of the Canadian population are baby boomers. They're all getting older and a) need more health care and b) doctors within that age bracket are retiring.

Med school is hard to get into because otherwise you would have 3000 doctors graduating from each med school per year. There are so many people that want to be MDs that if competition wasn't high, everyone would be allowed in and then you truly would have an oversaturation of doctors.

Everyone I know has pretty much gotten in, out of all my friends that applied (30+ of them), only a couple of them didn't get in. It really depends on the med school though, obviously schools like McGill, U of T and Queen's will be harder to get into than Mac, Northern etc. But pretty much everyone gets in at least somewhere with a decent GPA and MCAT score.

People do go abroad but I would stay in Ontario if all possible unless you can afford it. International tuition fees are ridiculously high.
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