yconic - Does any one know about anything for archery?
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Does any one know about anything for archery?

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The last few years I have taken part in numerous archery competitions and have come out with many successes. I have won nationals indoor in 2010, mother of all shoots, my provincials for the last two years and, unfortunately due to not being as well prepared as I wanted I placed third in Nationals Outdoor for three-d, fita and fita field, plus numerous other medals in smaller competitions. I say I was not prepared because on March 18th 2011 I went into heart failure due to an allergic reaction that continuosly rebounded and I needed to much epi for my heart... in other words I was very ill for a seventeen year old. It was a long time before I was able too shoot, and even than I ws constantly tired. I know that the archery world is not that big, and that is why I fear my bronzes this past summer will not be enough. If anyone can help me or knows of any scholarships or advice please feel free to comment, I will take all the help I can have. Be honest as possible, I love archery but if it is a lost cause I can handle that too. ~thankyou in advance
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