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Does Glendon cancel classes?

A photo of mariazuppardi12 mariazuppardi12
I have applied there to do an english major, but i was just wondering if they cancel classes or not. I figured that since they have a small student population, that they will cancel classes very easily. I really want to go there, because french is really going to help me out with an english major. So does anyone know if they cancel classes, and if so, do they cancel english classes? Thank you!
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A photo of mkearns mkearns
They might for some unpopular choices, but the great thing about Glendon is that you can take Keele classes as well. If you see a more interesting class at the Keele campus, you're free to take it and they even have a shuttle bus that goes between the two campuses for free.

I would try and talk to a current student in your major at Glendon, check out their facebook page. They've got some great eambassadors that will definitely give you some advice.
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