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Does it look bad if you only take 6 gr 12 courses?

A photo of kiwifruit11 kiwifruit11
Right now, I'm taking Chemistry, Calculus, French, and Writer's Craft. I had the misfortune of ending up with an EXTREMELY HARD chem teacher - I'm dying in that class, I think I got 0 on the lab we did last week.

I'm thinking of dropping Writer's Craft. It's not as enjoyable as I thought it'd be, and for some stupid reason, I can't do creative writing while also doing math/science. It's like I've sacrificed one side of my brain for the other, so the right side is now dead. The class is a lot of work, and we have our first assignment (short story) due Monday, and no matter how hard I try, I have no inspiration. I have no idea what to write.

I know if I drop it, I can do better in my remaining courses, especially chemistry (hopefully).

But my concern is, will universities look at you badly if you only have 6 grade 12 courses (like you wuss you only took 6 courses)? I already took a spare last semester.

I applied for Life Sci at U of T, McGill, and Queen's. My first semester average was 94, if that matters. And since it's science, 5 prerequisites are already set - Writer's Craft could only possibly replace French, and I know I can do better in French.

So what do you think? Would having only six courses on my transcript be an issue?
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A photo of sillyrabbit sillyrabbit
No I don't think they have a problem with you only taking 6 courses for grade 12.....however you will have to do good on all 6 courses.......by taking only 6 courses you will not have any backup courses should there be a possibility that you don't do as well in one of the 6.
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A photo of Doop Doop
Not at all.

Only problem could be that a non-prerequisite course with a lower mark is going to be calculated in your top 6 average.
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A photo of Wendy_D Wendy_D
Schools generally look at the marks of your top 6 university level courses. The thing is, if you only take 6, then you won't have that relief of knowing they aren't looking at the lowest one.

But, no, I'm going to bet that they won't think you are a wuss. It's all numbers to them.

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A photo of heesoup heesoup
No way. Quality > Quantity all the way. By quality, I mean the marks. It is better to take 6 courses and get relatively high marks than taking 7-8 and getting mediocre marks, unless you really wish to have that safety net.
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A photo of smarty1 smarty1
No, it doesn't.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
I don't see anything wrong with it, especially if you are confident in the 6 courses you are taking.
Better to take 6 and get good marks than having to stress over 8.
I'm also only taking 6 courses this year, but I finished a lot of my pre-reqs last year in grade 11 already.
The only disadvantage of taking 6 courses is that all 6 will be used in your admission average calculation, so you have no "back ups" to fall back on if you end up not doing so well in 1+ of the 6 courses you're taking.
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A photo of Jagseer Jagseer
First, taking 6 courses has no effect on ur chances
And, speaking form experience, i strongly recommend dropping writers craft or french
dont blame the teacher, it is killer. Its a prereq so ull have to focus a lot of ur attention on it, seeing that u also have calc to deal with. Chem was my lowest mark this year and it was the hardest 90 i ever had to work for. Its better to focus on 3 courses than have 4 and risk a low mark in a prereq.
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A photo of kiwifruit11 kiwifruit11
Thanks guys, I'm dropping writer's craft.

And @Jagseer, you're probably right about chem being difficult, but I still blame my teacher lol. Last semester had it so much easier, both teachers this semester are crazy. We had organic chem on our first test just because that unit came first in the textbook - I would've been totally last if I hadn't already taken biology. And that test was one out of four summatives in a week. -_-

We have another lab this week. *deep breath*
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