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Does it matter?

A photo of Nitrous Nitrous
I have all low-mid 80's in my classes. BUT I have a 60 in advanced functions? It is not a pre requisite BUT it is recommended for a few universities. For example Queens Arts or Mcmaster Social Sciences for Economics. Do they look at it if it's not in my top 6?
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A photo of ilikeyork ilikeyork
My guess is that they won't really look at it, for example I called the Rotman Admin. last week to ask about my AF mark being low, they said if it's not included in your top 6 then it doesnt matter.
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A photo of dagg dagg
They will look at it if its used as a prereq. for example if the prereqs for math are data cal or AF and you only took AF and cal, they will count that mark
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A photo of Nitrous Nitrous
So if it's not in my top six and not a requisite? Is it looked at?
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A photo of lalalogi lalalogi
Even if it is "recommended", all you have to do is just not submit the mark. Usually, in supplementary applications, universities give YOU the choice to choose your top 6 marks (excluding prerequisites). They might prefer you to put in adv. functions ahead of family studies (of course), but not doing so won't hinder your chances at all, because you're going by the criteria. Don't stress about it.
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