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Does Schulich accept students with repeated grades?

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I repeated my english mark at private school just recently, so im wondering if they will really accept those students, like will schulich deduct marks? I mean, if there are two students, both with a 92 lets say, but one have all their grades from day school and the other student got a repeated english mark, will schulich really VIEW these two students the same? Basically, im just concerned whether or not schulich will really accept students with repeated grades.

ONE last question, when does schulich hand out the majority of their offers? I am from a non semestered school, so I'm a bit confused on the looking at midterms part.

Thank you so much and please reply!
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There's a thread on this topic on the same page. There are also multiple "Q&A with Schulich student" threads. This question has already been asked and answered on this forum. This question probably lies on Schulich's website in a completely logical location.
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