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Does UofT consider grade 10 marks?

A photo of mlisa1014 mlisa1014
[size=6]My status just changed from "not yet review" to "under review".
But i have a question: Does Uoft consider grade 10 marks?

I am a international student from Taiwan, and I came to Canada three years ago.
In Taiwan, I already completed my grade 10, but I retook grade 10 after coming to Canada to advance my english language skills.
I included this explanation in my application, but the problem is that the marks I got in Taiwan was REALLY BAD; the average was only about 70% or so.
But the grade 10 mark I got from my school now was okay (about 90%)

I just concerned that will the admission think the reason I retook whole grade 10 was about the low grades? is this possible?

And on their website, it indicates that they don't accept repeated scores :(:(:(:(:(:(
but i retook the whole year, it's worse, right??
My grade 11 average is about 94%, and grade 12 average is about 96%.

Do I still have chance of getting into UofT? :(:(:(:(

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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A photo of ktel ktel
They won't care about your grade 10 marks at all
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A photo of LindaS LindaS
Unless you send your transcript with your grade 10 marks, they can't even see your grade 10 marks even if they wanted to.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
With the grade 11 and grade 12 averages you have right now, I don't think they will even care about your grade 10 marks if they even saw them.
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