yconic - Does UWO or any University look at 1st semister gr12 mid-term marks?
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Does UWO or any University look at 1st semister gr12 mid-term marks?

A photo of joejohnson2 joejohnson2
I've been wondering for a long time if our first semester midterm marks will have the universities basing their decision of either getting accepted or not.

My marks have not always been great at midterms, I always excel and finish strong at the end, would the following marks give a bad impression or make my chances less of being accepted into UWO General Science or Medical Science:

Grade 12 Mid-terms (assumed)

Calculus - 75
Adv. Functions - 82
English 4U - 78
Chemistry 4U - 90

Grade 11 Final Marks

Biology 3U- 90
Functions 3U- 91
Chemistry 3U- 97 (got the award)
World Religions - 90
Physics 3U- 75 (terrible, but good jump from 62% at midterm)
Law 3U- 82
CPU Science 3U- 86
English 3U- 85

Should I be worried for acceptance in UWO Science with that midterm?

Thanks for the info, and just wondering, would it be too late to drop calculus now and take it next semester, because having adv. functions after calculus is affecting my mark. Will UWO look at it or not? I've made a guidance appointment.
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A photo of Katarina101 Katarina101
Mid-terms marks are only looked at for early acceptances. You have nothing to worry about, usually acceptances come in after 2nd semester mid-terms. It's wierd because in my school advanced functions has to be taken before calculus. It's not too late to drop out, people in my school are still switching in to other classes, you just gotta be determined to catch up.
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A photo of Doorhandle Doorhandle
First semester mid term marks will NOT be looked at. The only midterm marks that matter are those for second semester. This is quite the misconception and I was very confused about it last year when I was applying to universities. Good luck.
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
Don't worry too much about mid-term marks, unless it's for 2nd semester.
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