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Double Major... First Year...?

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I am in grade 11 and planning for my future hopefully at a University in Ontario. I am having trouble understanding the "Double Major" however. Is it possible to take a double major during the first year of University? If so, I was wondering for oprtions for the following:

I wish to take one course on Islam (i.e. Shia Islam) and one course in another Social Science (i.e. Pshychology or Humanities).

Would they both count as Majors? If not, are there any religion courses offered to complete as a major?

Whats the difference between a major and a minor anyways?

Thanks! :)

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Simply taking one course in a subject does not qualify it as a major or a minor. For each major there will be a list of courses you need to take throughout your degree in order to satisfy that. A minor is similar, but you need fewer courses. This will be specified in the academic calendar. For example, here is an excerpt from the calendar at my university:

44.25.3 Major and Minor in Religious Studies
Degree of BA

See §43.3

Major in Religious Studies: A major in Religious Studies requires a minimum of *30 to a maximum of *48 at the senior level, including at least *6 at the 400-level, in RELIG and approved cross-listed courses [see §43.3(5)]. These credits must include RELIG 200, 475, and *6 chosen from each of Lists A and B.

See courses listed in BA Honors above under Areas A, B and C.

Note: Not all courses are offered every year. Other cross-listed courses may be approved on a year-to-year basis. See §43.3(5) for Faculty regulations concerning Cross-Listed Courses. Some courses, such as RELIG 297, 397, 497 change topics each year. Consult the Undergraduate Advisor in Religious Studies Program for possible additions to this list. Additional courses would include “Topics-in” whose context changes annually.

Minor in Religious Studies: See §43.3(4). A minor in Religious Studies requires a minimum of *12 to a maximum of *42 at the senior level in RELIG and approved cross-listed courses [see §42.3(4)], including at least *6 at the 300- or 400-level. These credits must include RELIG 200 and *3 selected from courses on either List A or List B.

Minor in Biblical Hebrew: See §43.3(4). A minor in Biblical Hebrew may be offered depending on availability of courses. Interested students should consult the Coordinator of Religious Studies. Required courses will normally consist of RELIG 201 (*6); 301 (*3); and one of RELIG 402 (*3), 404 (*3).

You would want to have an idea of what you want your major (or double major) to be, but it's possible to change your major later on in your degree. It would be more difficult to change a double major, as more courses are required
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