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Drastic mark drop! PLEASE HELP!

A photo of crazyfrog007 crazyfrog007
My average last semester was 85.8%
I have gotten into all of the programs I applied for but what I am really waiting for is Western and Mac.
But this semester, I have all the hard courses and I have been slacking hard. This drastically dropped my marks.
Got a mark update today and so far here is how my marks are - 72, 75, 85(mixed course, not pre req.), 72

The highest avg i need to keep up as requested is 78% by Waterloo. I know i can bring my marks up by the end of the semester but for midterm, there is no chance i can bring em up to the high 70s atleast. Do I have any hope for western? (need mid 80s avg)
And im in emotional break down right now. I need some help. Im really worried about my future I regret my recent past.
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A photo of Jsonga Jsonga
There are like two other active threads that ask the same thing (with respect to Western/Mac).

To answer your question, Western BMSc cutoff last year was 85.5% and you're borderline strictly based off your first semester marks. If you drop even a little you may not meet the cutoff. You will probably be accepted to Health Sci though.

With respect to Mac you probably won't make the cutoff as it was ~88% last year.
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