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Dropped program already on acedemic probation

A photo of amcdougall amcdougall
Alright here is my situation and I have looked through the forum as much as I could to find a similar situation when it came to osap, with no such luck. Anyways I went to Westervelt College (ugh i know) for medical administration graduated, and decided I wanted to go back in Sept for Massage (so that I could open a business eventually), well i was on academic probation, not for marks but i believe it was because it was my second time being in a program or something - anyways I decided it wasnt for me, so i decided to drop the program but it was way passed the college "drop out" date and so i just stopped going.. anyways I am wanting to apply for college for nursing for sept 2012but i am afraid that i wont get OSAP and its the only way I will be able to "afford" school.. any advice?
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Being on OSAP academic probation means you've already failed and you're given one more chance before losing your OSAP funding completely. Part of getting off probation is that you pass all current courses, so if you dropped a program, you're screwed.

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A photo of ktel ktel
Were you on OSAP academic probation, or academic probation from your school? Two different things
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A photo of amcdougall amcdougall
i was osap probation, because i had already completed a program that should have ensured me a career.. but because i went back for another program so they put me on probation.. I dropped out for medical reasons as well as it not being right for me..
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