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dropping a course after full disclosure

A photo of dbdudgh dbdudgh
I've already been accepted to the program I wanted to go and I want to drop a course(chemistry) that's not in my top six.

I know it's already past the full disclosure date, which means, to my understanding, that it will show on my transcript that chemistry has been dropped, or withdrawn, while still showing the mark I had before in my midterm.

The midterm mark was 85, but I've been skipping chem for a month now and I assume my mark would be around 60 even if i started going to class again to finish the course.

My worry is that it may affect scholarship decisions because it shows that I dropped a course on my transcript although my other marks are very high(top 6: 97.5%).

Would it look better to drop it with an 85% or complete the course with a 60% when one looks at my transcript to decide how much scholarship I should get?
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A photo of Xizeta Xizeta
You'll be fine, granted it's not part of your top six or a prerequisite. Howeever, it will stay on your transcript for 55 or 65 years.
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