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Dropping Economics

A photo of utube9195 utube9195
I feel that I have a heavy courseload this semester and I definitely need a spare to relieve some stress. I am going into business for university, and I know that first year economics is mandatory. I was just wondering if the universities teach economics from the very beginning, so I can drop the course without worrying?
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A photo of Katarina101 Katarina101
If the program that you are applying for requires Economics, then you have to take it. If it's not required for grade 12 and you're going to take it first year for university, then they will generally begin from scratch. I guess the people who took economics grade 12 have a slight advantage. If you have a tough courseload, then drop it because you don't want to do bad.
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A photo of soheil253 soheil253
economics is honestly not hard. its just notes lol. 90% on first test :)
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