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Dual business degree

A photo of jake123 jake123
Where in ontario can i do a dual degree in both commerce and engineering ? I know you can at do hba and engineering at western but im not interested in going to western
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
You can't do it in undergrad as far as I know. U of T has its skoll program where you finish your engineering degree in 4 years, and finish an accelerated Rotman MBA right after. Idk about the usefulness of it but I do know it's supposed to be extremely competitive.
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A photo of caveman caveman
Other than Western/Ivey's dual degrees and the UofT Skoll program or w/e it's called, I am not aware of any. The closest you can come I believe is a minor/option in business/econ or something. Remember too that much of business is based off of acquiring "soft skills" and a large part of the curriculum is usually more social-science based. If you do accounting or finance you'll get away from this and learn something more technical, but that's about it (ignoring econ).
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