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Dual Degrees in IVEY program

A photo of taiwen taiwen
Hi there,

I was wondering, is it possible to do a dual degree with the Foods& nutrition program at Brescia university college? If not, what will happen if I obtain AEO status while finishing year 1 and 2 at Brescia?

Thanks so much!
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A photo of g93 g93
Since no one is answering, I'd say best bet will be to e-mail Ivey. That will probably be the only answer you'll get, and they know best.
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A photo of goldmansachs goldmansachs
No, there isn't a dual degree with Food & Nutrition. If you obtain your AEO status, you spend Year 1 and Year 2 studying Food & Nutrition .. and then if you meet the requirements you go straight into Ivey third year. Graduating with a HBA degree.
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