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A photo of anita.tran anita.tran
Sooooo basically, how does early acceptance work ? I live in Ontario if it makes a difference. Do I have to apply to get in whereas regular acceptance your high school just sends your mark to the universities of your choice ? Which grade 11 terms does early acceptance look at ?

As you can see , ANY help would be appreciated since I don't know jack squat about it :) :)
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A photo of blackjack blackjack
noo theres no difference in application between early and regular. although applying earlier might allow you to get early acceptance. Early acceptance just means you're accepted earlier.

They look at all your grade 11 marks for early acceptance and your school sends the grade 12 first semester marks in feb.
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
There's no "early decision" application like there is in the US. You apply through OUAC regularly and if they like what they see with regards to your grade 11 marks and/or 1st sem grade 12 marks then they'll accept you in Jan/Feb.
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A photo of totalquality totalquality
I'm in Ontario too, so I'm also applying through OUAC.

They look at what your marks were like in grade 11 (if you log into OUAC, you'll notice both your grade 12 marks (if any) and your grade 11 marks are listed). If they were outstanding (over 90%), they may offer you early acceptance.

But say your grade 11 marks really suck, but this year's marks are really good. They won't look down on or discredit you for those lousy marks. Overall they are really just looking for grade 12 marks, but the grade 11 are just to see if they can give you an early offer.

It also depends on the school you apply to. From my own experience, I'm a fifth-year highschool student (I already have 5 4U credits and I'm taking 3 more this semester). Laurier has told me that they will still look at my grade 11 marks first (which weren't as good as this year) for early acceptance, so I doubt I'll hear from them until later. UWaterloo said that since I already have grade 12 courses completed they'll just look at those (which are much better!). The program I'm applying to at McMaster doesn't give early offers at all.
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A photo of Kiyomi Kiyomi
I also am an Ontario student, but I applied to an Alberta university, but I got an early admission three weeks ago from my university and this is how they calculated my average, and it may be different depending on where you apply, but this is how it was done for me. You self report your grades online by adding the courses you are currently taking, and are planning to take. All of these courses must be 12U courses, so taken in Grade 12 at the university level. Since I applied to Engineering, I needed to have chemistry, calculus, advanced functions, english and physics. The courses you will be taking later on in the year, you report a grade that you predict you will have, and the courses you are currently taking, you report your actual grade. Because I am still in first semester, they only used the required courses that I am currently taking to calculate my average, which is calculus, chemistry and advanced functions, not the ones I will be taking next semester. So basically they used the courses required for my program that I am taking right now to calculate my entrance average. And of course all early admissions are conditional, so they will still require transcripts at the end of the year to confirm you as accepted.
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A photo of sks12345 sks12345
I applied through OUAC and got early acceptances... you don't have to do anything extra, just submit your application as soon as possible. After receiving acceptances, I was mailed a package that let me know the conditions of the acceptance (aka: in order to keep the offer, I have to maintain a BLANK average and in order to keep my scholarship, I have to maintain a BLANK average).

For early acceptances, they look at the grades they already have (such as your final grade 11 marks and your midterm grade 12 marks) and base the offer on that. Good luck with your application! :cat:
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A photo of YaNnii YaNnii
early acceptance are based on your gr 11 final marks. i heard that you probably won't get it unless you have really high decent gr 11 marks.
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A photo of purpledog purpledog
^ unless you're applying to UVic where they accept you if you have an average above something like 80%. (That's not considered "really high," is it? But I would say it's quite decent!)
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A photo of DJPINKY101 DJPINKY101
Early Acceptance requires grade 11 marks. But make sure you do well in the grade 12 too because at the end that what in most important in getting final admission.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Early acceptance doesn't HAVE to be your final grade 11 marks, it just depends on the university you're applying to.
I was offered early acceptance to the U of A, but I didn't submit any grade 11 marks.
When I applied, I self reported any grade 12 marks I have (which I do - I advanced a year in Math as well as English and Biology) and gave them a list of the grade 12 courses I am currently taking and my estimated mid-term marks based on class marks.
They looked at the grade 12 marks I have submitted (min. 2 required) and made a decision based on that.
As long as your average meets their admission average by the end of the school year, you're good to go! :)
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A photo of anbootsm anbootsm
In Ontario early acceptance works just the same as regular acceptance as far as the application process goes, but it does help to have done it a while before the deadlines, the main difference is that they make the decision mostly based on grade 11 marks, if they are high enough, and you get you acceptance before the application deadlines or when you school submits your first semester marks

different schools have different policies on this, for example I know a bunch of people who are already accepted at Waterloo, myself included, but McMaster doesn't start giving out acceptances until march
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