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Early Acceptance

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Hey, I am not sure if this is the right forum but it is a question about business so I'm guessing it is. Even though I am a grade 11 student, I am planning to peruse my career into the accounting field, preferably the CA designation. My dream university is Waterloo but in general I was wondering how does early acceptance work with any universities? What do they look at and is it important to receive it? Once you get it does it mean you have a higher chance than other to be accepted?

Thank you :)
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Early acceptances are usually based heavily on grade 11 marks, in courses that are similar to grade 12 prereqs. Essentially they see how well you did in grade 11, then maybe look at marks from first semester grade 12 (depending on how early) and make an offer.

With other universities, it is also based on how early you hand in your supplementary application, which is an additional one other than your application through OUAC (which everyone does).

An early acceptance is just that - you are accepted to the university (most likely a conditional acceptance, like maintaining a certain average). I'm not sure what you mean by " Once you get it does it mean you have a higher chance than other to be accepted?"

So this is the break down:

Do well in Grade 11 -> apply to all your universities through OUAC in grade 12 -> hand in your supplementary application to the universities that require it -> get accepted early.
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