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Early Acceptance into University!

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Hey guys! I was wondering how the process of early acceptance into a university works. I just finished my grade 11 year with an average of 93.4% and all of my marks were in the 90's (two of my marks were 97%).

Do I have to apply for early acceptance? Or when I apply for universities in grade 12, do they offer me early acceptance then?

Any info would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance :D
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Early acceptance isn't really clearly defined, and varies for programs. Some people's definition is getting an offer before the majority of acceptances come out after midterms in second semester. Some people say early acceptance is the first round of offers. Honestly it doesn't really matter. Some programs don't really have an early acceptance period, such as the program I was accepted to. There was a test to write in April and then the acceptances were one round and came out in Mid-May. Other programs you can get early acceptance to if your marks are quite high. Generally anything above 90 will get you acceptance to most programs, although for some of the more competitive schools or programs that won't be good enough.

If you apply as soon as possible, you could get early acceptance into some programs right away (like December) versus applying in January or February at not getting it until then or even later.

Hopefully that makes sense to you. If you have any more questions, fell free to ask.
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