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Early Admissions Grade 11 marks

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ok so what I am planning doing is applying to university of waterloo and university of western ontario for their biomedical programs. What I want to ask is since I took grade 11 biology in my grade 10 year and grade 11 english also in my grade 10 year will they still consider those marks in my final average or will they take the grade 12 marks I have currently in my grade 11 year.

What I currently have this semester and the next is

grade 12 english



and physical education

.........................next semester


parenting (planning on changing it to law ... good or no)

specialized high skills major health and wellness


my averages currently are not as high as I would like it to be but what I am planning on doing is doing much, much better in the second semester. Any advice:albino:
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A photo of kaltunadan kaltunadan
also any other universities I should be considering for biomedical programs?
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For early acceptance ,if you do not have any grade 12 marks yet they will will use a combination of the top 6 completed 4U/M and 3U/M(doesn't matter if u took it in Grade 10)courses including required subjects. Should no 4U/M courses be completed,the top 5 3U/M courses (including required subjects) will be used.

I recently got accepted to Waterloo and you may want to consider Guelph and Ottawa for Biomed too.
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