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Early Rejection?

A photo of ArcSaint ArcSaint
Hey guys I was just wondering if its possible for UTSG or UTM to give out early rejections before you even finish your second smester midterms. I only have 2 out of the 3 prerequisites needed for UTM concurrent chemistry (In my first semester) and I'm worried that before they even see my next semester, considering my first semester is good, that they're able to reject you early or not even consider your application anymore after an early rejection. What's their criteria for doing that?

Thanks for any replies :)
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
Schools almost never give our rejections before May. Unless a school has a very strict cutoff (i.e. Mac Health Sci's 90% cutoff) and they calculate that it's mathematically impossible for you to make the cutoff, they won't reject you until May. Of course, unless they somehow detect you won't have enough credits to graduate or something (highly unlikely).
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A photo of napinhei napinhei
They won't reject you. They have no reason to. It would be silly if they made it mandatory for all prerequisite courses to be completed in first semester.

If the schools you are looking at give out early acceptances, they will look at your grade 11 marks... Assuming they are high enough, they will make you a conditional offer. This conditional offer will probably be something along the lines of 'a minimum of --% overall average in your top 6 U/M courses plus completion of _____, _____, and ______ courses.'

If the schools you are looking at either don't give out early acceptances OR your grade 11 marks aren't spectacular, they will just wait until they get your midterm marks, at which point they will see you are enrolled in the correct prerequisites, and they will then issue the same aforementioned conditional offer. Well, that is assuming they decide to accept you...
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A photo of ArcSaint ArcSaint
Ahh ok that makes sense :D

Cheers man :)
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