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ece question

A photo of jerymathew jerymathew
Hey, i am a grade 12 student..i got the following marks

functions (gr.11) -100
adv. func -99
phy (gr.11)-95
vocal music(gr.11)-92
english(gr.12)- 90

what's the chance of me getting in as of now...also, how much time do i get to chill in ece...i am asking like can i sign up for a karate class in u of t itself for like once a week??
thanks all......:bounce: :compress:

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A photo of Robert52 Robert52

@jerymathew wrote

. . .
what's the chance of me getting in as of now...

Nobody in these forums can answer that question. The admittance procedure is a closed-door process by the Admissions Committee. All you can do is apply and hope for the best. Your grades look pretty good so I would say your odds of getting accepted are good.

I would encourage you to maintain some activities or hobbies outside of school work. ASSUMING YOU ARE ACCEPTED TO AN ENGINEERING PROGRAM, there will be times when you have almost no time for anything other than schoolwork; however, I think you have to make the time. If all you do during your school years is school work, you will become a one-dimensional person (not good). Plus, taking a break from homework every now and then brings you back to it refreshed and better able to focus. Plus, it keeps you healthy.

Also, you don't have to make the same post three times.
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A photo of jerymathew jerymathew
hey i am sorry about making 3 posts about this....lol...thanks..i am a bit concerned if I can continue sports and other stuff i do in university too...
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A photo of ktel ktel
^ I did an undergrad in engineering at U of A and played varsity rugby. I'm now doing a Master's at U of T and still playing varsity rugby. Yes you have time.
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A photo of Ramatronifications Ramatronifications
I find it difficult to conclude whether you are just trolling or are legitimately asking that question. Especially for a program like ECE at UofT, why are you even asking...
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