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E-Learning: Which Course Should I Take?

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I am planning to take an e-learning course next year because I can't possibly fit all my courses into my regular schedule. However, I am not sure about which course I should take, and it'd be great if someone could make some recommendations based on the work load and the difficulty of the courses(I already have a pretty busy semester, and I really want to take an e-learning course that doesn't demand too much effort).

So, here's the list of the courses that I am considering to take:
Canadian Law 11: I heard that this course is hard...
Financial Accounting 11: (I'm currently signed up with this course)
World Religion 11
Philosophy 12
World History 12

Also, since the tdsb website isn't very clear, can someone tell me how e-learning works exactly? Do you basically go to a specific website at any time you want, read the lessons, and then hand in assignments before they're due? And are there exams or group projects?

Thanks. :cheese:

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I hear Religion is the easiest .Everyone I know got over 90% and Philosophy is OK too.

Check out www.virtualhighschool.com and also www.ilc.org

Good Luck
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