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Electrical engineering and the future

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I'm currently enrolled in UOIT's Electrical Engineering program (BSc)

UOIT, being a small university, does not offer specialized courses early on, and I feel I am at a pretty big disadvantage here. I love the school, and really don't care for older campuses at the giants like UofT.

But that's not important.

I plan on steamrolling through my education, only working in the summer, going until at least masters before looking for a job.

My current GPA is 3.88, if I can raise this slightly will I be able to get into a graduate program at UofT or Waterloo? And also how will having a bachelors form UOIT affect me, if I don't work(apart from CO-OP) until after masters? Should I try to transfer out at 2nd or 3rd year?

Please don't hate on UOIT, it's great, but perhaps not great enough. My passion is technology and electronics, I need to pursue it to the max, and I don't want UOIT or any one else holding me back.

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any luck finding jobs
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In Electrical Engineering, you learn about electric circuits, how to design and build them and how to test and analyze what you've built. You learn about all kinds of electronic devices from power supplies to control systems. You learn about all kinds of components from transistors and capacitors to introduce and superconductors. For more information you may get reference from here http://www.thedegreeexperts.com/dg-engineering-101.aspx
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