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Employment during undergrad: Co-op or the reserve force?

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Hey guys,
Due a direct time conflict, I'm not going to be able to be in the the reserves and co-op while in undergrad.

About me:

Long term plans
I'm in grade 12 and I want to work as a lawyer in the public sector. My first choice would be jag, but I would also love to prosecute for the crown. Anything other government legal work would be fine by me. Of course, I would do public interest work or work for a firm if I couldn't nail a public sector job, but I'm just trying to make it clear that my first priority is not Bay Street.

Short term plans:
I have applied to the University of Ottawa for a bilingual joint honours degree in political science and public affairs. I am very interested in the two aforementioned fields. However, I plan on *trying* to go straight to law school after my degree.

Basically, you need your summers free to be in the reserves. You also need your summers (as well as the rest of the year) to do co-op.

I want to either:

1) Do co-op. I'll make money and do a few different jobs. This will take me a 6 months longer to graduate. I will have, however, the second half of my 5th year free to work for the military.

2) Join the reserves. I'll stick with it until the summer after my second year of law school (when you typically try to get a legal job).

My current thoughts: Military service could help me get into jag. Co-op experience might be good to have as a backup plan. I could also go to law school one year earlier if I forgo co-op.

Your thoughts, student awards?
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Co-op experience helps greatly when you're doing your job search after graduation. It will give you a leg up against the competition.

The Reserves are very generous when it comes to pay and help covering with some education costs.

Make sure to mention your intentions of going into law when you apply to them, they will most likely help you get direct work experience with something legal related, instead of front line combat related.
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