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Employment in engineering? In Ontario?

A photo of sascer520 sascer520
So i am planning on going into engineering(Mechanical/Electrical not decided yet) as a career, however, I have had no exposure as to what the daily life is for an engineer. But I was wondering, how difficult is it to get employed as a junior engineer or engineer in the mechanical/electrical field. It seems as though that there is a big labour pool, and employment will be hard to come by if I don't get Co-op experience. But as for what I am asking is..

1.)Should I be worried about employment in engineering? This is affecting my studies because I am worried that I won't be able to pay off OSAP and be jobless. I am really interested in engineering but will this be a good career in the future?

2.) What are some responsibilities that Mechanical, Electrical and Computer engineers have at their work?

3.)Even if I don't get employed in the industry, where else can engineers work? I have heard stories of engineers working in finance, banks. Is this true?

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A photo of ktel ktel
1) I don't think so. It's still a relatively employable degree, but you should definitely look at getting co-op experience or other skills on your resume to make you stand out.

2) It would really vary based on the industry or type of job. Some do design work, some do management, some do field work, it really varies. I suggest you take a look at job postings that require those degrees and look at the job description

3) An engineer could definitely break into the finance world, I'm sure it's happened before.
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A photo of MikeSAwards MikeSAwards
Hi sascer520,

Studentawards is now helping it's membership with questions like yours. I work for Studentawards and my background for over the last decade is helping employers find individuals like yourself.

These are facts

You are highly employable

You will be in demand from companies

Answers to your questions

Want to fast track your career? consider mining or natural resources. Do a minor in a in a relative Science / Social Studies / Geography. You will make in 1 year what others make in 3 and have gained much experience.

Example: I just had lunch with a President of a firm who has the same background as you who worked in the mining industry.

Graduation rate for engineers is not keeping up with retirement rate. This bodes well for you.

Your skill set is applicable to other industries or other careers. This occurs with individuals who usually have many interests, open to new possibilities or who get bored with their current career

You need to demonstrate that you have other assets, outside interests and that you are worth the investment.

As for summer employment co-op, etc, the opportunities are present. Shortly, these will be posted on Studentawards for our membership but in the meantime, you need to think about what type of opportunity you want.

Look at who you might want to work for and be proactive, which means pick up the phone and call the individual overseeing the placement and introduce yourself. Trust me, it goes a long way and not enough people do it.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to ask for more assistance if you need it

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A photo of masudrana masudrana
Accounting books https://www.odesk.com/mc/#inbox/thread/106925741
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