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employment options with economics programs

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How are the employment options with economics program? Are there any firms (accounting/consulting etc) that would come on campus and hire economics graduates?
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Undergraduate economics degree alone will not result in a lucrative career by any means. Your options will be limited.
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Your options may be limited if you're specifically looking to go from Econ-> Accounting. It may be worthwhile for you to do further research on the requirements for becoming a CA. I believe that there are some courses required that would be difficutl to take outside of a conventinal accounting degree. Note: The BA in econ at Queen's allows you to take up to (10?) credits of commerce courses towards your degree, so it may be a good fit.

As for consulting, you shouldn't have an issue. However, you should have an "A" average.

As an econ major myself, I can attest that outside of insurance/financial analysis. The skills that you learn in econ aren't an immediate fit anywhere else. So, if you're not the number crunching kind then it would be prudent to pursue ECs that make you more well rounded/employable elsewhere.
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