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ENG4U Summer School

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ENG4U summer school

(Closed my window, QQ, I re-wrote this)

I'm in grade 11 first term right now, and I plan on taking this in summer school to get a higher mark. English has never been my favorite course, reading anything that was fiction bored me, I don't know why. I would like to know what can I do, to help me achieve over a 90+ (or preferably a 92+), in this class, can I do some type of prep like reading hamlet or writing essays about it in advanced... I just don't know, who's taken summer school eng4u and can tell me what in-class things you need to be good at, to get a good - scratch that, great mark.

I plan on doing Life or Health sci after school, so I don't think taking this, with the idea that I just want a good mark is wrong.

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Well...I never took eng4u in summer school..but I would believe that it is about the same as a full year course load...relatively speaking.And yes it is definitely usefull to be ahead by reading the suggested books for the course such as Hamlet or Orex and Crake..If you are going to do this though..don't do it for entertainment but rather for background knowledge.It will also help if you prepare yourself by reading the assigned readings with a critical view as that's what the purpose of these readings are......If you intend to get a great mark in eng4u you will definitely need to be on top of the game form the very start.It's really not a difficult course...if you don't mind the intensive thinking and writing (essays).But you seem to have high expectations so I think you can do it.:bball:
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Get people to edit your essays and stuff. If you have a decent memory and your writing skills aren't bad, you should do well on tests provided you read the entire book. Just read anything interesting to expand your vocabulary and to better your writing skills. Reading the novels/plays beforehand could be useful I guess.
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I took English 12 (I think that's the same thing as ENG4U) in summer school and got a 90, which is a bit higher than what I usually get in school. We studied Hamlet, read some short stories, analyzed poems, and etc. We also had to do 4 essays, 4 exams, and a bunch of group work. Overall, it was not too hard because there were no other distractions like projects and assignments from other subjects.
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