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Engineering and Medicine?

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i'm wondering if it is possible to do an undergrad degree in engineering and then get into medical school. i know there is no preferred undergrad for getting into medicine but i have heard that engineering has a tough course load and i might not be able to fit in the med school pre reqs.

any of you guys have more information on this?

i'm in gr 11 right now and am planning on going to UBC.
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Not too sure about the pre-reqs, but I know for sure that you'll have a hard time fitting in the prereqs, seeing as how engineering is an accredited program and you're required to take a certain (read: 30-34) hours of class a week
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It will be difficult for you to get the prereqs for med school, but some schools require less courses than others. I know a few people who did a biomed specialization at the U of A, which requires an extra semester of course work, and then went to med school.
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It's possible but it'll probably be a longer road because engineers don't have a lot of electives. My friends at UW chem eng have had 3 electives in 4 years of school. It would be pretty hard to fulfill all your prereqs that way unless you're only considering applying to med schools without prereqs. One of my friend's is aiming for med school and he did a biomed eng degree for undergrad and is now in a Master's of biomed eng degree because he couldn't apply straight out of undergrad since he didn't have all the prereqs fulfilled.
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