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Engineering (Civil) Laptop

A photo of ArianaBakhtar ArianaBakhtar
Can anyone who is in engineering (civil engineering specifically) state if there are any special features/requirements for a laptop for this program (e.g. memory, speed wise etc). Thank you.
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A photo of ktel ktel
This totally depends. By the time I was in 3rd year my laptop I bought new for university was too slow to run SolidWorks. I would assume it wouldn't be able to run AutoCAD either. So I just stuck with using the school computers for that extra speed. Plus some of the software I was using I couldn't even get on my laptop if I wanted to.

My boyfriend, who is a civil engineer, pretty much only used a laptop for word processing. Otherwise he would use the school computers or his desktop at home, because frankly you almost need the extra large screen to get any useful work done.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
The person above makes some valid points. I have also checked some other forums and some people recommend getting bettwe GPU (graphics card) for rendering in 3D, but it all depends on the programs you are going to be using (if you know which ones for sure).

Hopefully you could get away with using the school computers most of the time...
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