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Engineering Course Prerequisites. U Waterloo U of T

A photo of Dazappa Dazappa
Hey guys, at the moment I am at a 81 in physics and 80 in advanced funtions. My goal is Waterloo management engineering, U of T industrial engineering would be great too! Also, I am currently getting an 88 in exersice science, PSE4U1. Would that be counted towards my average into engineering even though it seems relivitly unrelated? It would be great to have that mark pull my others up :bom:

Also, in your best opinion, what is the chance that I will get into these courses?
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A photo of albud289 albud289
To my knowledge, the prerequisites for any engineering program in Ontario are MHF4U, MCV4U, SPH4U, SCH4U, ENG4U and one other 4U/4M course. The university will look at those 6 courses. That one other 4U/4M will be your highest one. So if 88 in PSE4U is your highest other 4U/4M mark, then they will count that towards your admission average.
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A photo of greygoose greygoose
Just FYI, I believe Waterloo excludes physical education and the like from its admissions averages because it's not an academic subject. "Exercise science" sounds like it may fall under that classification.
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A photo of ZetaShift ZetaShift
No, exercise science is fine. It's a university level course, unlike physical education which is open level.
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