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Engineering Science professors

A photo of JustWatchedCanucksFail JustWatchedCanucksFail
How are professors Wilson, T. and Stangeby, P. (they teach MAT194)?
Also, how are professors Pitt, J. and Engels, S.?

On a side note, looks like engsci will have a new prof:
:cheers: or :thumbdown:?
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A photo of Kristofer Kristofer
Stangeby is totally awesome. Don't know who Wilson is but last year they just got new profs from the math department to teach the other calc section so my guess is that he is also a new prof in the math department. Pitt, *F* (not J; hope you meant F) is very good and will explain everything, trying to make everyone understand what's going on. He goes a little slow compared to other professors, though, but that's not to say that his lectures are boring. Never heard of Engels. ESC103 used to be taught by Will Cluett but he's no longer the chair of engsci so I guess that's why he ditched the course. I believe his main reason for teaching that course to begin with was to get to know first year engscis.
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