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Engineering Science vs ECE

A photo of wasiur wasiur
I recently went to the university fair. I had a chance to talk to an EngSci student. He highly recommended it and told me that in the work place the engsci students will be able to accelerate and get to the higher positions faster. Reason being their strong foundation. He also mentioned that the course load is a lot compared to the ece students. Also i am 90% sure that i want to take ECE.

My question is will I be able to keep up with the class and not be forced to drop out due to the load or my low marks? I am currently in gr 11 and have an average of around 93 - 94%. I am willing to work hard (12 hrs a day, like the engsci student has to). Will I be able to endure the first and second year? What will you do in my situation? Go for ECE or EngSci then ECE?
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A photo of ktel ktel
The EngSci student you spoke to obviously has a large bias and obviously has no experience accelerating to those high positions. Take his opinion with a grain of salt. Other engineering disciplines also give a strong foundation. In fact, when you graduate you will discover how little you actually learned in your engineering degree, and how much there is to learn when you get into the work force.
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A photo of Jake17 Jake17
Usually a good thing to remember when talking to someone who has taken a particular course, or is a professor, etc, will usually favour said course. You should go into whatever program you think suits you best, plus you have loads of time to think it over.
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