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Engineering Students going into Law?

A photo of iRamie iRamie
If i hopefully get my Bachelors in Comp Sci or even Software Engineering, is it possible that i can do my masters as a lawyer?
Im only in grade 11, i haven't taken any Law courses.
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A photo of waazup waazup
Lol, you in grade 11 like me and already planning your masters...haha

People get their masters at like 28-40...so relax
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A photo of MCLeBlanc MCLeBlanc
You got tons of time to decide. Law classes at high school are good background knowledge, but they are not nearly as useful as mock trial experience.

That being said, I'm assuming you want to practice as a lawyer? In that case, you will want your Juris Doctor (law school), as opposed to Master of Laws (LL. M). I'm not too knowledgeable on the LL. M, but from my understanding it's my for academia and law school professors, whereas your J.D. is for practicing law.

And there is nothing wrong with getting your bachelor's in Comp Sci or Software Engineering. If anything, that's good. It will make you stand out from the horde of BA's in Political Science, History, etc (yours truly included).
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A photo of Jumpy Jumpy
You need a J.D. before an LL.M. anyway. You'll usually practice for a few years before you go back for the masters.

An LL.M is more academic based but it's also a useful extra notch in some practicing lawyers belts. Major firms like pointing to their attorney's credentials, so they certainly don't mind an LL.M. LL.D.'s (Doctor of Laws), meanwhile, is a step up from L.LM and only useful for academia.
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