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English 12 summer school and Provincial exam

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i finished the Summer School and i got 78% school mark in English 12 ~ so i have a provincial exam next week but can i postpone the exam to Jan and June? ~ The reason why i want to postpone is because the exam will drop down my final grade a lot ~ for regular student, they usually send their transcript before April and haven't do the exam yet~ so can i apply University with my 78% first and finish the provincial exam in June (just like what regular student do.) school mark worth 60% and exam is 40%, so it drops down my grade for sure because i am not ready for it ! The Uni can still kick me out if i do bad on the exam but at least i have more time to prepare ~ i don't know do i need to retake the Eng 12 in September or is it allow if i do this way ~ ? tks~

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If you don’t sign in for the exam, it does not count as an attempt. After completing a provincially examinable course, you have two attempts at writing it. You can postpone your exam until the next available provincial exam session at your school. The Ministry of Education uses the better of your two attempts to determine your final grade. If I were you, I would take the exam now and retake it at a later date.

I highly recommend that you complete the practice exams located on the BCED website and review the latest exam specifications to determine what you need to practice on.

At BC universities (ie UBC, SFU, UVic), the higher of the blended or school mark is used for admissions. Depending on your desired program and its competiveness, your 78% may be okay. I’m unaware of out-of-province university admission requirements so I cannot comment on whether this is in effect elsewhere.
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