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English Co-op??

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I've been looking into the programs at UTSC and I like the idea of co-op. However, what are my odds of actually getting a job while studying english? How much can I potentially make? Can someone please explain how this works... I don't quite understand the entire co-op thing.
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The best thing someone told me was that in co-op you're not always doing something directly related to your major, or at least you don't have to.

You could work as a reading tutor for children or adults, teach ESL classes to newcomers. Depending on where you are in your degree you could even go overseas as an English teacher.

Or something that isn't related like working as an assistant in some big company, camp counselor or anything else you could think of.
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A photo of Kirenne Kirenne
Make sure you look into the co-op rules at your school. I know that in Arts & Bus at Waterloo, the first job can be unrelated to your program/major, but the subsequent jobs must be.
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