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English Proficiency Tests

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Hey, I was wondering if you have to do anything if you know you can be exempted from the english proficiency test? I applied to York and wrote "other" as my first language, and when i checked my york myfile page for admission, it says they require the english test document, but i was born in canada and have gone to school here all my life; I'm completely competent in english. on the york site it says Proof Of Language Facility as a required supporting document.
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I think you should call them to sort it out.

The 'First Language' box doesn't actually mean your first language. It means your primary language. The one you use most in your daily life. For someone born and raised in Canada, that should be either English or French. Just because you learned another language before English and use it at home with your family does not make it your 'first language'. I'm pretty sure if you say French, they still won't get you to do an English proficiency test since it is one of two of the national languages.

So yeah, like I said, call them to clear that up or else you'll have to go through the hassel of writing a proficiency test. Point them to the fact that your high school transcript shows that you have fulfilled English language requirements simply by finishing (or being almost finished) high school. That should be your supporting documentation of English proficiency.
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