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English vs. Psychology?

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I'm applying to university at the end of this year and currently trying to decide between English and Psychology majors (preferably at UofGuelph, if this is relevant). English is my strong suit, and I love it, but I really want a job helping people. I've considered things like teaching, journalism, publishing, rehabilitation, mental health and therapy.
I would really appreciate some opinions on where I can go? Should I just go with what I'm good at? And does anyone know of a career in the helping professions that I can work towards with an English degree? Or if anyone could give me their experience in either program?

(I know, I know, a lot of questions, but I really need advice!)
Thank you!!
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Hey, we have same career goals. I hardly ever find people interested in mental health on here.

If you're looking into the mental health field, I would recommend psychology or social work programs. Social work programs give you the added bonus of giving you membership in the College of Social Workers when you graduate, which is required for a lot of jobs in the field.

If you really can't decide between the two, you could always double major in English and Psychology. And even if you decide on one, then realize it's not for you, you can switch your major pretty easily at most universities. Just make sure you take both an English course and psych course in your first year.
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Thank you,

I guess I'm just afraid that I won't enjoy a psychology major as much as English, but you're right, I could always try both. What career are you looking to do? I'm lost about career choices too. :(
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You don't have to necessarily decide until after first year, but I can understand that if you choose the program now, you will know which university you have to go to...Hmmm, doing both would be pretty interesting!
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