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Entrance Scholarship Question

A photo of ArgNet88 ArgNet88
At UofT, they mentioned that only grades received at the time of admission be considered for an admission scholarship. However, does this mean that they will not be taking my midterm marks for this semester into consideration? Last semester I only had an 88 average, but with midterms I have a 93 average.

Since they didn't initially mail me any information regarding a scholarship, will not they be taking my midterm grades into consideration?

I hope that makes sense...

Thanks so much!
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A photo of SmartyPup SmartyPup
Umm... Firstly, you made sense! Secondly, I really would be unsure how to answer this. Personally, if they said they only take the grades recieved at time of admission to calculate a scholarship, then that is probably what they do. However, I know a bunch of other schools that do re-evaluate grades at midterms for higher scholarship amounts, but I don't know about UofT. My best advice: just email the school's Awards and Financial Aid office or the Admissions office (because they are the one's who usually make the offers of admission and scholarship, but this sometimes varies from school to school). They should be able to answer your question, and it never hurts to ask, right? Good luck!
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A photo of tukr tukr
I don't think U of T reevaluates, but definitely ask them to make sure. Usually they will explicitly say, like Queen's states that scholarships are determined when sending out acceptance letters, and then again in July after final marks come out if you didn't initially get a scholarship (but if your marks dropped, they don't take away your scholarship)
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