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ESROP tips?

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Hi all, i'm in u of t engsci first year and a prof from UTIAS decides to sponsor me for esrop. how are the winners determined? by grades or by application? or both? which is more important? i've got a 93.8% sessional avg and were ranked 6th out of 280 students in the program, how likely am i to get it?

the reason is that i have another summer job, full time coding at modiface if any1's ever heard of it. you get to learn to program iphone apps, but the research at UTIAS interests me ALOT more since i used to fly RC helis and planes as my hobby and they do exactly that and more. the problem is that i have to respond to the job offer in 2 weeks, when the result for esrop will not be out yet.

any1 got any tips for writing the esrop application?

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