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Ethics, Socity and Law [Trinity One]

A photo of PiggyFlavoredPocky PiggyFlavoredPocky
Hi, I'm in Grade 11, but I'm just wondering what average you need to get accepted into the program? I heard the other Trinity One program, International Relations, needs like a 93%+ average. :puker:
Also, do you need an interview like IR does?
Thank you!
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A photo of colakid123 colakid123
I can't tell you about minimum averages (I have 97-97%) but there is no interview for IR because I got accepted without one (although they may interview some people sometimes.) All I can say is have 90+ and do well on the supplement.

I'm not too sure how difficult of a program it is because although it's only 25 people per stream, how many people would be interested in those courses in the first place?
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