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Ethnic Diversity at McMaster, Western, and Queen's

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Hey guys!!! =D

I'm trying to decide where I want to go to university and I've decided to consider ethnic variation within the school and surrounding community so that I can make my final decision. :cheers:

So my question is: What are the predominant backgrounds of the people attending Western, McMaster, and Queen's University?

If the programs matter at all:

Western - Biomedical; Health Sciences
McMaster - Health Sciences; Arts & Science
Queen's - Life Sciences

Thanks!!! =D
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I'd say UWO and Queen's has the most homogeneous group of Caucasian students out of the three you listed. Your best bet for seeing students of various ethnic minorities would probably be at Mac.
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It honestly depends on the program, you'll be seeing those students throughout all four years of undergrad.

Queen's Arts and Science faculties have a majority of Caucasian descent while Queen's Commerce has half of their program being visible minorities (Indian, Asian, etc).

However, stereotypically Queen's and Western has a majority of Caucasian while McMaster has more of an ethnic mix.
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I've never been to western so I can't really speak for that, but I'll tell you that as bad as it is, one of my first impressions when touring McMaster was how much more diverse the student body was than Queen's.... I live in Kingston and I'm a visible minority and let's just say, there aren't very many of us xD Queen's has a very homogenous student body - there are exceptions, program-wise - commerce, life sci and engineering are probably the most culturally diverse, but when you compare any of Queens' programs to say, U of T, or even McMaster, you will notice a lot more of the percentage is caucasian at Queen's!
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I know that Queens is very caucasian (as everyone said before...) and I can't say anything for Western. But I live in Hamilton, work at Mac, and have alot of friends who go there. Half of them are brown. About half of Mac is Middle Eastern/Asian. So there is tons of diversity at Mac.

Interesting note: My Sri Lankan friend who graduated this year from Mac says that (when she was accepted) Mac was known as the "brown party school".
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