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Euclid and Waterloo

A photo of c1 c1
Hello guys, do you know when Euclid results will be?

What result gives me advantages among other students applying to Mathematics at Waterloo?

I'm expect to get something near 70, but don't sure that this is enough for Waterloo. Thanks in advanced for sharing any useful information

Are you or your friends really interesting in Pure Mathematics?

applying to Pure Math at Waterloo (reconsideration after denial)
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A photo of MatHildebrand MatHildebrand
I believe that the euclid is mainly for scholarships, so you should be more worried about your actual mathematics marks! But good question as to when the marks are released.. I would think that they would release the marks soon, within a few weeks at least.
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A photo of nakhuda93 nakhuda93
My calc teacher was away thurs/fri because she went to mark them, the teachers get the results before we do so ask your teachers.
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A photo of c1 c1
Guys, who wrote Euclid, what you are expected to get?
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
I think the scores come out first week-ish of May, second week at the very latest.
I'm in grade 11 and I'm expecting aroudn a 75-80. I'm hoping to take it again next year and get maybe 85-90 :D
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